Your profit potential increases when your attorney and CPA are the same.

When your business demands the dual need for an accountant and an attorney, you shouldn’t have to pay for two different, high-priced professionals.

A smarter option is the American Society of Attorney-CPAs (ASA-CPA), a unique organization of dually-licensed professionals. Attorneys who are also CPAs powerfully combine the knowledge and experience needed to address critical issues from both legal and financial perspectives simultaneously.

The American Society of Attorney-CPAs is a subsidiary of the American Association of Attorney-CPAs and is devoted to public educational events. The organization provides an opportunity for members to speak on various topics to companies and community organizations allowing these groups to receive invaluable information from a comprehensive perspective, one only a uniquely qualified Attorney-CPA can provide.

Protecting Your Assets

For example, what if your company were audited by the IRS? Most business owners are unprepared and unequipped for that nightmare. Your instinctive reaction may likely be to enlist a team of tax lawyers and accountants.

But a dually-degreed ASA-CPA attorney with experience in IRS investigations can resolve the problem more expeditiously than separate, disconnected individuals. That streamlined process ultimately saves your business a significant amount of money.

A Sum Greater Than Its Parts

Dually-licensed ASA-CPA professionals can advise you on both legal and financial aspects of key operating decisions which encompass both legal and monetary ramifications. A qualified attorney-accountant will also recognize potential future risks and help guard against them.

To further assure your confidence, all ASA-CPA professionals conform to the standards of the respective governing bodies.

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