About The ASA-CPA

The American Society of Attorney-CPAs is a subsidiary of the AAA-CPA, (American Association of Attorney-CPAs), the only organization in the country whose members are professionals dually-qualified as both attorneys and certified public accountants.

The AAA-CPA was founded in 1964 to protect the rights of those dually-licensed to practice either law or accounting, or both. In addition, the AAA-CPA offers products and services to help members succeed in their practices, such as networking and referral opportunities; national, chapter, and regional meetings; continuing education credit; and much more.

The ASA-CPA is devoted to public educational events.

The creation of the ASA-CPA further enables our dually-degreed members to apply their twin skill sets for potential clients – specifically, businesses and individuals who can derive tangible benefits from combined legal and fiduciary expertise.